Game of Throns Season 4 – Top Vomit Inducing Scenes


  1. “Two swords”, Oberyn hear two lannister men singing The Rains of Castamere, they bicker a little, and Oberyn calls them the “pink little men who are far too slow on the draw” rather than the “golden lions”. Oberyn stabs through the wrist of one of the soldiers who tries to reach for his sword. vlcsnap-2014-04-07-16h5553m54s24
  2. At Craster’s Keep, when Jon Snow and others attack the enemies, Locke quietly slips into the tent and attempts to abduct Brandon Stark, while bran “Wargs” (enters the mind of another person and tries to control them) into Hodor and uses him to kill Locke. He raises Locke in the air, and twists his
  3. Ramsay Snow sends Reek with the “pseudo” identity of Theon Greyjoy to ask the ironborn garrison to abandon the fortress. The garrison commander, Ralf Kenning refuses to surrender, and having being out numbered , one of his own men cut him down, accepting surrender on behalf of his soldiers. Reek asks the soldiers to prepare themselves to head home but the next scene shows the soldiers body torn, portraying a glimpse of Ramsay Bolton’s monstrosity.theonA very disgusting scene, though quite insignificant compared to the entire episode.
  4.  “Two Swords”. Arya slashes Polliver’s leg from behind, causing him to fall. She takes the needle from Polliver and echoes his words to Lommy, Arya’s friend before Polliver kills him. “Something wrong with your leg, boy?” “Can you walk? I’ve got to carry you?” “Fine little blade, maybe I’ll pick my teeth with it”. Arya slowly drives the Needle through his throat.arya
  5. Daario Naharis to Daenerys “I was the last to join your army. I am not your general or a member of your Queensguard or the commander of your Unsullied. My mother was a whore. I come from nothing. And before long, I will be killed for nothing. Let me kill this man for you.” “Horses are dumber than men.” Daario Naharis flings a dagger at the horse, targeting his eye and then finally kills the Meereen fighter with a sickle.                                                   113622-daario-naharis-kills-guy-on-ho-3hbk
  6. Jeoffry death- poison “The strangler” which is purple in colour, hence its called the purple wedding. George R Martin says “He would moan his villians just as much as he moans killing heroes just like you would moan a real person. As bad as they are, villains serve a purpose in this story, and once they are gone, they are really hard to replace.” One villain down, who’s going to be the next villain?joffrey-dead
  7.  The Night’s Watch swiftly invade over the Craster’s Keep to kill their enemies, Jon Snow confronts Karl in single combat. After a bunch of encounters, Karl gets the upper hand. But before he can finish Jon, one lady stabs him from behind. Jon quickly gets back on his feet and drives the long sword through the back of his skull. Probably one of the best deaths game of thrones has ever seen(till of course the 8th episode of season 4).GoT-4.5-Snow-Karl
  8. Topping the charts, obviously is The Mountain Vs The Viper. Oberyn manages to seriously injure The Mountain, but Oberyn before ending the fight, demands Gregor to confess to raping his sister, Elia Martell. He come too close to Gregor, and Gregor manages to catch a hold of him, and confesses to raping and killing Elia as he punches Oberyn’s teeth out, and gouges out Viper’s eyes with his thumbs and tears his skull open. Yes of course the most vomit inducing scenes in game of viper, eyes, mountain game of thrones

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