The Great RomCom Dilemma

So, i mainly write at this time of the hour to talk about RomComs. Yes, you heard it, romance comedies!
Unlike how i may have portrayed myself, I am a huge fan of RomComs, and i’d like that to be our little secret.
I love how they fall madly in love with each other in the most beautiful, cutest way, and then the boy(in real life too) messes it up with a foolish mistake and then with the most alluring comeback her sweeps the girl off her feet, yet again. I know it is the most cliche thing, but i love it, i never get sick of RomComs and you know why? Because in every movie they use a different brush to painting the story. Every RomCom has its own creativty! It can be a teenage circled with a web of lies, or a FWB relation, or a girl with an obsession with adding magic to peoples lives(just btw, that’s Amelie) or a girls fixation for football, every story has its own flare. But this doesn’t mean II can stand bollywood romance, that stuff isn’t healthy for anyone.



I am mostly elated right now because i just finished watching 27 dresses. It’s a beautiful movie. Starts with an 8 year old who falls in love with weddings, and knows someday she will have her own special day. Then the film jumps to her current life, which is, attending two weddings at the same time on a saturday night , as a bridesmaid. Then comes the boy, they have a clash, they don’t get along in the beginning until they get drunk, of course. And naturally the next day starts with the boy’s foolish mistake, and the movie ends with a lovely wedding of hers and her 27 wedding past ghosts in her 27 bridesmaid dresses to remind her it was more than the ideal wedding. Even though imdb only rates it 6.1, i’d give it a 7.5 for the wonderful job Katherine Heigl did and the lovely movie.
I realize there is nothing wrong with enjoying a little bit of RomCom, though I just made an oath to myself that i’d never ever watch these movies to get deluded into this concept of happy ending, and a prince charming. But for the weak person I am, i couldn’t resist this one. So, i’m in a dilemma, should i completely stop watching RomComs and horrors becuase it affects me too much, emotionally, or should i just continue to be its slave?


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